martedì 15 luglio 2014

Vintage Dream Recensione

Italian Translation only

Ormai posso considerarlo un dato di fatto: i miei libri preferiti sono quelli che hanno anche riferimenti ad un'epoca passata, meglio ancora se abbiamo due protagoniste e due fasce di tempo messe a confronto e che si alternano nello svolgersi della trama.

mercoledì 9 luglio 2014

Linzer cookie mini cakes

Italian and English Translations

I have to admit that during summertime my presence in the kitchen and my dedication to baking slowly fade away because of the heat. I mean, who wants to sweat in a super hot kitchen when you could lay outside in the sun reading a good book and sipping on a lemon iced tea?!

venerdì 4 luglio 2014

Oven-roasted chicken wings - Alette di pollo arrosto

Italian and English Translations

It feels so weird to post a meat recipe here on the blog. I'm pretty sure I haven't told you before, but I like to call myself a "half-vegetarian". I mean, I'm not officially, completely vegetarian but I eat meatless more often than not.

lunedì 30 giugno 2014

Colpi di sole naturali - Natural Highlighters

Italian and English Translations

When summer comes around I always want my hair to kind of match the weather and lightness and get blonder. Last year I even decided to do a shatush thing which, however, turned out to be one of the worst decisions I've ever made. My hair isn't meant for being dyed and it got super frizzy and overall a little bit ruined by it. That's why I've now decided I'll never dye my hair again and opt, instead, for natural ways to make it a little lighter.

lunedì 23 giugno 2014

Amori in Viaggio - Recensione / Trains and Lovers - Review

Italian and English Translations

Non è una novità il mio apprezzamento per i vari romanzi di Alexander McCall Smith. Ho davvero amato la saga dell'aspirante detective e filosofa di professione Isabel, così come quella di Scotland Street, perciò non potevo essere più entusiasta quando ho adocchiato questo nuovo libro nella sezione Novità di Kobo. Senza neppure pensarci un secondo, ho cliccato sul bottone "acquista" e in un attimo l'avevo scaricato. Sì, in effetti, Kobo sta facendo decisamente peggiorare la mia passione per al lettura!

giovedì 19 giugno 2014

A bit of my life lately

Italian and English Translations

My life lately is been quite stressful and full of things to get done. I've just had a hard exam session for which I've been revising for more than two months so now I'm so relieved it's everything over and I can actually start enjoying my summer vacations. I truly need a rest.

giovedì 12 giugno 2014

Studying Tips

Italian and English Translations

I know it's probably a little late for this kind of post but, you know…better late than never! Plus I think it can always come in handy knowing a couple of tips and tricks to make studying easier, funnier and, above all, more productive.